(Photo: Getty Images/AFP, Josh Edelson)

Donald Trump somehow presented himself as a man of the people during his presidential campaign, but he doesn’t exactly seem like a guy who is in touch with what the average person thinks or feels—an idea supported by his approval rating. According to the results from a survey conducted by The Verge, though, people’s disagreements with Donald Trump actually extend beyond his thoughts and opinions to his favorite social media platform: Twitter.

The survey asked people for fairly basic opinions on various tech companies (including Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon), and though nothing suggests that everybody hates Twitter outright, the data does indicate that a lot of people have unfavorable opinions of it. In terms of how people “feel” about using the products associated with the companies, Twitter had the highest percentage of people who responded that they “greatly dislike” the service—followed close behind by Facebook.


Another question asked how much people would care if the companies listed “went away tomorrow,” and about 30 percent of responders said they “would not care at all” if Twitter suddenly disappeared. The other ones that got even close to that were companies like Starbucks, Nike, and McDonald’s, which all have easy and obvious competitors (you could always go to Wendy’s if McDonald’s disappeared).

One question cut right to the point and asked responders if the companies had made a “positive effect on society.” Twitter and Facebook were also neck-and-neck that time, hovering at around 10 percent, though Twitter had a slight edge on Mark Zuckerberg’s big mistake. Again, these numbers aren’t huge in terms of how many people don’t like Twitter, but they all seem to point toward more people disliking Twitter than any other tech company. Essentially, it’s not awful for Twitter, but it’s also not good.