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Twitter suspends Rose McGowan's account

(Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)
(Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

As Hollywood struggles to adjust to the allegations against Harvey Weinstein—and more women come forward on an apparently daily basis to heap their own stories of alleged abuse and assault onto the mounting pile—one voice has risen louder than most: actress Rose McGowan, who doesn’t seem to be taking much pleasure in the fact that people are finally listening to a story she’s been trying to tell, in one form or another, for years. Screaming her pain loudly and clearly, despite pretty obviously working from behind some kind of NDA locked in via her own settlement with Weinstein over an alleged assault several years ago, McGowan has taken no prisoners over the last few days, blasting contrite collaborators like Ben Affleck for allegedly failing to listen to years of rumors, hints, and outright statements of abuse, and calling for the board of the Weinstein Co. to be dissolved. Not all of McGowan’s messages have been polite; some, dare we say it, have even bordered on uncivil. That’s presumably why Twitter decided it was right and appropriate to suspend her posting privileges earlier tonight.

McGowan made the announcement via Instagram, noting that her 12-hour suspension countdown will kick off once she deletes certain offending tweets. It’s not clear which specific one of the actress’ tweets was targeted and reported to Twitter, and was apparently so offensive that the company decided it’d be a good idea to silence a woman at the heart of an entire scandal based around women being hushed-up and ignored. (But hey, at least we have 280 characters now, right?)


[via Variety]

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