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Earlier today, Tyrese Gibson ushered in a new age of Fast And Furious feuds by blaming Dwayne Johnson (or “Dewayne” Johnson) for butting his head in and forcing Universal to delay Fast And Furious 9. In an Instagram post, he accused Johnson of making the series about himself rather than the whole #FastFamily, which had something to do with Johnson and Jason Statham’s Fast And Furious spin-off that is now coming out in 2019—the year Furious 9 was originally supposed to hit theaters before the recent delay.

Now, Gibson has shared another Instagram post in which he calls out Johnson for trying to take over the Fast And Furious franchise, calls him a clown, and suggests that other members of the #FastFamily have been too trusting with Johnson.


He also claims that “they” offered to give him and Ludacris a spin-off movie at some point, but they turned it down in order to protect the integrity of the core Fast And Furious movies. The fact that Johnson was not willing to do the same thing apparently looks like a betrayal to Gibson, who now thinks that he values the series more than Johnson does. Of course, Gibson is missing the fact that a Fast spin-off about Johnson and Statham sounds fucking rad, while a Fast spin-off about him and Ludacris sounds—at best—moderately interesting.

This latest feud has been almost entirely one-sided so far, but maybe Dwayne Johnson will jump into the fray soon, sing a bit of his big Moana song, and then shut this whole thing down with a People’s Elbow.

[via Entertainment Weekly]


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