Today is Election Day, and if you've never voted before, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Don Cheadle––along with a few other celebrities who would one day like to be a part of the Ocean's Eleven franchise––have put together a Public Service Announcement to show you, the novice voter, exactly what going to the polls will be like. Here it is:

According to that clip, here's a short list of what to expect when voting: 1. George Clooney, waiting in line to vote like a commoner. 2. Matt Damon's soothing voiceover narration. 3. Celebrities sprinkled throughout the line to vote, but never next to each other, lest the pollsters think that a conspiracy is afoot. (By the way, a conspiracy is totally afoot) 4. Conspicuous use of rubber bracelets. Also, once you get inside the booth, and draw the curtain, you will be asked to vote on the following issues: Beat AIDS, TB, Malaria Fight Extreme Poverty Every Child In School Clean Drinking Water For All Make Trade Fair A Better, Safer World What Does Your Candidate Think? It's unclear in the ad, but I think you're only allowed to choose one. Happy voting!