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Watch a "hidden" trailer for Westworld's third season with unseen footage, more clues

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Screenshot: HBO (YouTube)

HBO dropped the first proper trailer for Westworld’s upcoming third season yesterday, but, in the spirit of the creators’ general affection for its diehard fans, they also unleashed a “hidden” trailer to be uncovered by some enterprising soul. That soul turned out to be reddit user MTC_Chickpea, who found the below trailer—which features a more ominous vibe and shots not seen in the previous clip—on a website for the show’s fictional Incite data collection company. Yesterday’s trailer pops up when you click on the Privacy Act tab, but this one does when you do so with a VPN and a clean browser history.


As of this writing, the below trailer is still unlisted on YouTube.

We get another look at Vincent Cassel’s character, for one, his gun pointed at Aaron Paul’s Caleb. Though we know little about him, we do know that he’s the one narrating a previous teaser that introduced the Solomon System. The Solomon System, many online have surmised, is potentially a man-made AI designed to prevent catastrophes—it was instituted after the “second Russian civil war”—and promises, “for the first time history has an author, a system.”

Is Cassel Solomon? Or is Solomon a reference to King Solomon, who, as is outlined in this theory, “enslaved demons to build his temple.” Are the elite class instituting loops for the lower-class in the real world just as Delos was doing with the hosts in Westworld? Locking up lugs like Caleb in a living prison to do their bidding? As Dolores tells Caleb in yesterday’s trailer, “They put you in a cage, decided what your life would be. Did the same to me.”

Speaking of Dolores, we get a new shot of her here. She’s writing on the ground, screaming, as tubes invade her split flesh. Torture appears to be abundant here, as Ed Harris’ William looks as if he’s being operated on by sadistic dentists. Has his journey across the first two seasons compromised him with the elites he rubs elbows with on the outside?

Plenty of other questions remain. Why, for example, is Thandie Newton’s Maeve doing the bidding of Cassel’s Man In White? Is Jeffrey Wright Arnold or Bernard here? Now that Luke Hemsworth’s Stubbs has been revealed to be a host, will he finally begin actually mattering to the story? He gets airtime in both of these trailers. Someone also took the liberty of screenshotting that final flurry of images, revealing that William’s daughter, Emily (Katja Herbers), is as bloodied up as he is in the previous trailer. Also, Rodrigo Santoro’s Hector is back and in the midst of a war? Looks like we’re not totally free from the park just yet. 

At least some of these answers will be revealed when Westworld returns on March 15.


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