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Watch Mark Hamill show up on Disney's Star Wars ride, blowing nerds' minds forever

Though it’s well known that there are 54 possible ride sequences for fans to experience on Disneyland’s Star Tours attraction, it’s unlikely anyone visiting the park imagined one of them would feature the real life Luke Skywalker. But this week, in the midst of receiving their hum-drum safety speech from a park employee, a group of lucky nerds were treated to an appearance by none other than Mark Hamill, who took it upon himself to do some grassroots marketing for The Last Jedi.

“Actually the captain did mention something about a special passenger. Oh, and the force is strong with this one,” the cast member casually informed the guests just before Hamill popped his head inside the space shuttle with a jaunty, “Hello everyone!” Understandably, almost everybody lost their damn mind, but one man in the front row with a Disneyland lanyard covered in enamel pins nearly had a heart attack from joy. The consummate showman, Hamill milked the crowd for a bit more applause, using his arms to gauge the intensity of their reaction, and then, just for good fun, said, “There’s no Star Wars fans here, right?”

Not only did the actor’s brief appearance likely make these fans’ entire day, week, and year, but Hamill himself seemed to count it as a memorable experience as well, saying his “childhood dream of working Disneyland finally came true!” A good deed done and a lifelong goal achieved, Mark Hamill can now get back to the important work of defending the artistic integrity of Porgs.


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