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Watch out, liberal dumb-dumbs: PatriotHole has pivoted to video

(Image: ClickHole)

Back in May, we announced—with a mixture of dread, aroused revulsion, and the sweet tang of corporate synergy—that our sister site Clickhole had finally given in to the times and transformed itself into PatriotHole, the ultimate anti-vaccination vaccination against America’s current epidemic of liberal kindness and other well-meaning bullshit. And while ClickHole ultimately reasserted itself, relegating PatriotHole to its own sub-section, the conservative battering ram of truth has now gone the way of all online content in 2017: Executing a pivot to video.

Today, PatriotHole launched its own Facebook video series, starring Doug Baxter, the last voice of honesty in a confused and stupid world. Growling at the camera like a caged beast of truth, Baxter is ready to blow the lid off the dangers of things like compassion or hair, doing God’s work despite the efforts of detractors and copycats (like Alex Jones, whose Infowars is an obvious rip-off of Doug’s style, sent back in time by evil space lizards to make it seem like it got there first).


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