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Watch the video for Sundials’ “710”

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As previously noted, Virginia’s Sundials is a tight, pop-punk trio that falls on the slightly artier side of things, avoiding the snotty, brashness of the genre’s most well-known entities. The band has continually offers up ragged power-pop that brings new life into a genre that can often eschews progression or deviation, and it’s this slightly left-of-center nature that keeps Sundials from ever feeling predictable. Case in point is the lead single from the band’s last full-length, When I Couldn’t Breathe. “710” rumbles forth with a foundation-shaking bass line before a chunky-yet-complimentary guitar riff slowly gives way to a toe-tapping chorus. The song, which could easily double as the band’s mission statement, now has an accompanying video, which The A.V. Club is premiering below.


The video, which was filmed, edited, and directed by Max Weinstein-Bacal serves as a makeshift recreation of Old Yeller, with guitarist/vocalist Harris Mendell taking up the part of the loveable pup. Watch the video for “710” below, and be prepared to get traumatized all over again.