Today, November 10th, 2008 will go down in pop culture history as Terrible Spoof Movie Announcement Day–a tragic day to be commemorated with a nationwide moment of silent eye-rolling, to be followed by 5 minutes of quiet weeping and/or throwing rocks in the direction of Hollywood for allowing this to happen. Here we are, brains still numb from learning about the existence of Bad Movie, and along come the Wayans brothers to pour ice water on our frontal lobes by releasing the poster for their upcoming dance movie spoof, Dance Flick.

It was only a matter of time before someone cashed in on the Dance-o-lution by weaving together a bunch of lazy dance movie references into the thinnest, weakest parody that could be spooled onto a film projector without breaking, but this poster is a bit much.

It's just one giant spoiler: The janitor mop-dances with the princess, a very pregnant lady falls over and is trampled by a CGI baby, Tracy Turnblad exists, and a break-dancer who advocates cooperating with police investigations falls on his head with such force that it cracks the cement. Meanwhile a girl finds true love, and presumably awesome dancing, with a guy who hearts the movie White Chicks.


I mean, come on, Wayans. Save some unfunny jokes for the movie. You're going to need all of these if you want to barely make your 80-minute running time.