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We are pleased to introduce you to a man who will eat anything the internet tells him to

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One of life’s great archetypal characters is “that person you know who will eat anything.” Most of us meet this figure when we’re young, watching with equal parts delight and disgust as a playground kid gulps down a worm or eats a french fry from the floor of a mall’s food court. Others are fortunate enough to know someone who maintains this joie de vivre well into adulthood, happily sticking just about anything into their steely gob for others’ amusement.


“man eating food,” a YouTube channel where, true to name, a man eats all sorts of food, is a winning example of how to translate the joy this kind of person brings for the digital age. As Munchies’ Hannah Keyser details in an article about the strangely alluring videos, “man eating food” began in the summer with a middle-aged dude named Eric chowing down on anything the internet requested.

Apparently all of this started with a simple Reddit post that tantalized readers with user Ben Rosen’s simple claim of having “videos of a guy eating every food.” He proved this was true with a clip of Eric silently eating a spoonful of mayonnaise before adding, “I’ll respond to any food request in the comments with the appropriate video.”

Sometimes people are happy for him to enjoy some raspberries ...

But, considering this is the internet, sometimes Eric is asked to eat a garbage bag.

Regardless of what’s put in front of him, Eric takes to his mission with determination. He doesn’t speak, but may indicate his opinion of the food with a slight grimace or, in the case of items like the raspberries, a contented smile.

After being away for a while, “man eating food” has returned with a series where Eric puts whatever weird shit people ask for on a pint of ice cream. There are a staggering number of these videos.

Here is a video of Eric eating ice cream with some gummy bears on it:

And here is a video of Eric using soft shell crab as a topping:

Forever undaunted, here he is combining ice cream and a hamburger:

When asked in an enlightening and entertaining Reddit AMA if there was anything Eric wouldn’t eat, he only vetoed “animals that are on the endangered species list.” This is good news for the future of the channel because, if our memories are correct, that still leaves at least 500 more items Eric can eat on video.


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