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Weatherman on the cusp of madness with this shit

The weather, huh? Enlightened though you may be, it’s still the first thing you’ll bring up when faced with the weight of silence. “It’s nice out,” you say to your tight-lipped boss. Or maybe your sister’s lunkhead boyfriend will tell you it’s “not nice out,” but that he “can’t wait for it to be nice out again.” And you’ll agree, and you’ll bring up “this rain” or “that storm” or “the wind” and it’s just never good enough, is it? Every inane conversation about the weather swirls around how not up to par it is, and have you ever wondered how that makes weather reporters feel?


Well, a weatherman out of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s FOX 17 WXMI is sick of your shit. “You guys are dragging me down,” he earnestly tells the show’s anchors, who, despite the weatherman’s assertions that it “could be worse,” refuse to accept the simple joys of a 60-degree day.

“Well, I mean, what do you want me to do—lie to you? I’ll put 70 every day next time,” he blurts out after angrily launching into his forecast, which is riddled with below-average temperatures. “Maybe I’ll disappoint you with the 7-day here in a few minutes.” (Let it be known that it is hilarious to hear weatherman jargon used in moments of rage.)

To be fair, we don’t often think about what it must be like to continually be the bearer of bad news. Of course it would be more fun to say every day was 75 and sunny, but, like a good reporter, the weather reporter is bound to the facts. That they’re routinely met with sighs and disappointment, he argues, makes it very hard to “be chipper for five straight hours.”

They weren’t kidding when they said journalists are miserable.

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