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What do Beyonce, Rachel Leigh Cook, and Angela Landsbury have in common?

The intrepid Internet scavengers at Best Week Ever Blog turned up an incredibly addictive way to merge three of my favorite things: time-wasting, celebrities, and me. This geneology website has a cool feature called Face Recognition. Basically, you upload a photo of your face, the monkeys inside the computer scan it and match your features against a face database, and then it tells you which celebrities you most resemble. Hilarity, anger, and confusion ensues. The first time I did it I got: Rachel Leigh Cook

then Eva Herzigova


then a few others like Liv Tyler, and Asia Argento. Then—last but not least—a young Angela Landsbury.

(Coincidentally, I also write––and solve––murder mysteries.) You can totally picture what I look like now, right? Anyway, I tried it with a few more photos, and some of the same celebrities turned up, but some tantalizing new faces emerged like Eva Mendes, Beyonce (face recognition sees no color) and of course Charles Lindburgh.


Whatever. It's fun. Go

try it. Which celebrity do you kinda sorta not really at all look like?


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