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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Republican comedy isn't just limited to hilarious slogans like "Lord, I Apologize," "Git'R Dun", and "Mission Accomplished." No, on occasion, the GOP will tap a brilliant comedic mind like, say, the director of Scary Movies 3-5 to give their party the edge that only hackneyed slapstick gags and cartoonish Madeleine Albright and North Korean dictator impersonators can provide:

That made Mad TV look genius. Evidently someone at the Republican party saw this ad, decided that no sense of humor was better than a really bad sense of humor, and persuaded the party not to use it. But, that hasn't stopped the Republican National Committee from trying their hand at satire. Unless you want to launch them headfirst into a spiral of depression and anger, turn your monitor away from comedians, comic writers, or anyone who has a sense of humor before clicking Play:

That video really made me think, you know? All this time I thought that satire was supposed to be entertaining––funny, even. But it turns out satire can just be a list of fears read in a mock-enthusiastic voice! Why take the time to come up with some funny, absurdist answers to the question "What if Congress had a Democratic majority?" When you could just repeat a real-life Republican fear like,"They could repeal the Patriot Act." Ugh. Also, the topical humor here is top-notch. Two years later, and that Howard Dean joke still has them rolling in the aisles!


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