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Yondu Udonta

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Who he is: Yondu Udonta

His power: No superpowers per se, but in addition to being a pilot and a thief, Yondu controls a deadly floating arrow using a series of whistles.

His story: Yondu is first shown in Guardians Of The Galaxy, where he’s revealed to be the one who abducted a young Peter Quill from Earth. Head of a crew of mercenaries called the Ravagers, he acted as a de facto father figure to Quill, although the latter soon outgrow Udonta’s influence, and—as of the film’s start—betrayed Yondu by leaving the Ravagers to hunt for an orb himself, despite the crew being contracted to locate it. As a result, Udonta spends the film hunting down Quill, but once he catches him after Quill loses the orb, Quill quickly makes a deal with his former boss to recover the orb from Ronan The Accuser.


During the attack on Ronan’s ship, Yondu is shot out of the air, but uses his arrow to kill the Sakaarans who surround him. He then makes it back to the city and demands the orb from Quill, per their agreement, who hands it over. However, once Udonta and the Ravagers are traveling through space again, Udonta opens the orb to discover the Infinity Stone has been taken, and Quill left a troll doll in its place. He seems more entertained than angry, honestly. Maybe because he never delivered Quill back to his father all those years ago like he’d promised.

Yondu shows his heroic side in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, revealing that he never delivered Quill to his father because said father is Ego, a planet-sized psycho who wanted to use the kid as part of a megalomaniacal plot. Facing a mutiny from his Ravagers, Yondu throws in his lot with the Guardians, ultimately sacrificing himself to defeat Ego for good. In an after-credits scene, his loyal crew member Kraglin takes up his psychic arrow and distinctive head-fin.


Played by: Michael Rooker

Currently, Yondu Udonta is: Dead.

Where will we see him next? Probably never. You had a good run, Yondu.