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You might as well just go on and watch this music video from "Earth, Wind, & Frasier"

The mash-up sees a group of CGI Kelsey Grammers performing a Frasier-fied Earth, Wind, & Fire track

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A bunch of Frasiers, gliding like a 747.
A bunch of Frasiers, gliding like a 747.
Screenshot: Major Frasier

For the last few years, the ooze of our collective unconscious has been bubbling up strange Frasier-based hybrid creations. In 2018, Big Dog Sportswear gave us “Furrasier Cranine.” In 2019, Bobby Lord turned the sitcom’s theme song into a National track. Last year, we were shown a version of Cyberpunk 2077 starring Frasier Crane. Now, in 2021, the fourth horseman has arrived to herald the imminent return of The Crane and it takes the form of... an Earth, Wind, & Fire mash-up starring a bunch of horrifying CGI Kelsey Grammers.

Created by Major Frasier, the same wonderfully named Craneiac responsible for the Cyberpunk 2077 crossover linked above, “Let’s Froove” is a fairly innocuous combination of the Earth, Wind, & Fire classic and the Frasier theme song. The song remains pretty much the same, references to tossed salads and scrambled eggs aside. The video is where the real “magic” happens.

In it, a group of digital Frasiers gather together to recreate the the original video, donning appropriate costumes and dancing for your delight. Blissfully unaware of the effect their appearance has on viewers, the many Frasiers display total, waxen delight as they let the groove set into their shoes, twisting and spinning like malfunctioning robots.


They may be terrible to look upon, but the Frasier clones’ moves are unimpeachable. (Can we really expect anything less from models based on the always-graceful Kelsey Grammer?) Their performance is also a solid indicator of the possibilities inherent to getting a bunch of creepy Grammer-bots to Earth, Wind, & Frasier their way through a whole catalogue of funk and soul staples.

If Major Frasier hurries up and keeps going with this project, why, they may even have a shot at dethroning Demi Adejuyigbe for the internet’s best “September” video this year.


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