#17: Triple Bullshit, Or A Big Pile Of Flop 

We're being screwed—this we all know. But there's a gathering storm of screw developing in the world of digital media, where content providers and retailers are creating exclusive deals that essentially limit (or eliminate) consumer options. This time it's Amazon and DC Comics getting into a semi-monogamous relationship, and yup, it's screwing readers. ABC viewers aren't getting screwed, exactly, by Tim Allen's "new" TV show, Last Man Standing, but the retread of Allen's hit '90s sitcom isn't exactly giving the world something new, either. Suggested Titles has some alternatives. In Ask The A.V. Club, a listener wonders what the best way is to help his favorite low-rated show, and we have some listener feedback to share. We close out with Extracurricular Activities, possibly repeating ourselves.

:00 – Intro
:44 – Scott Tobias, Noel Murray, and Tasha Robinson discuss the new age of exclusivity
15:46 – Suggested Titles: manly shows with Erik Adams and Todd VanDerWerff
26:43 – Ask The A.V. Club & listener feedback: Todd and Erik on the best ways to support your favorite low-rated show; listeners comment on last week's show
38:49 – Extracurricular Activities with Nathan Rabin, Keith Phipps, and Josh Modell

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