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2016’s SF Sketchfest lineup is kind of bananas

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San Francisco Sketchfest has released its lineup for next year’s festival, set to kick off on January 7, 2016, and, even for a festival known for pulling out all the stops, it’s a pretty crazy collection of names and groups. Apparently operating on the selection criteria of, “Thing you like, or have ever liked,” the participants in the 2016 fest run the gamut from childhood favorites to current podcast favorites. Also, Paul F. Tompkins. Paul F. Tompkins is all over this thing.


Representing the older generation, we’ve got various tribute recipients, including Sally Field, booger author Dave Barry, and Jeff Goldblum, who’ll be performing music with the Mildred Schnitzer Orchestra. Movie fans can check in on a Waiting For Guffman reunion with Christopher Guest, Fred Willard, and Parker Posey. Bad movie fans, meanwhile, will be happy to see two different movie-riffing performances from Mystery Science Theater 3000 alums on the docket, with former professional mad scientists Trace Beaulieu and Frank Coniff handling one show, and the Rifftrax crew (joined by John Hodgman, Mary Jo Pehl, and, of course, Paul F. Tompkins) going after a new grouping of shorts.

At this point, it’s pretty hard not to just start rattling off a list of all the exciting names that are going to be at this thing. So, hey, that’s exactly what we’re going to do:

Maria Bamford. Drunk History. The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding. Ron Funches. Superego (featuring Paul F. Tompkins). A Hook reunion, hosted by Rufio himself, Dante Basco. The Kids In The Hall’s Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, and Scott Thompson, performing as “Three Out Of Five Ain’t Bad.” BoJack Horseman (featuring Paul F. Tompkins). Fake presidential debates from James Adomian and Matt Besser. The Adventures Of Pete And Pete. Maya Rudolph, performing Prince songs. Paul. F. Tompkins.

Are you a comedy fan who’s liked anything, ever? Then there’s a good-to-decent chance that somewhere in the massive list of performers on the Sketchfest web site, there’s someone who’ll get you clapping your hands with unbridled glee. (A Sledge Hammer reunion! They’re doing a Sledge Hammer reunion!)