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250 fans remade an entire episode of Sailor Moon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Internet provides many new ways for fans to interact with the properties they love. This can range from livetweeting an episode, to creating various knitted contraptions on Etsy, to even creating all new episodes to their beloved shows of long ago. One new trend has been the communal remake, where a large group of fans all choose a scene (or some other part) to interpret and remake in whatever manner they like. This has resulted in projects like Star Wars Uncut, Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated, and Our RoboCop Remake. The Moon-Animate Make Up follows in these footsteps by selecting one episode of (classic) Sailor Moon to remake one shot at a time.

In October 2013, 250 fans signed up to recreate the episode “Fractious Friends” (renamed “Fractious Frames” for a little animator humor). Using multiple styles, formats, and even materials, these incredibly artistic fans have each put their own unique stamps on the series—sometimes creating direct homages, other times going for something funny, and sometimes just plain odd. The Moon-Animate Make Up tumblr has tons of information to learn more about the process and how each contributor added their flair to the project. The episode is below and is a fun, energetic take on the classic anime which is experiencing a resurgence with its newest series, Sailor Moon Crystal. [via io9]