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A Google app can now compare your selfies to fine art

(Photo: Getty Images, Hulton Archive)

Taking selfies is already the modern equivalent of posing for a dozen hours while somebody paints a lavish portrait of you, but a new feature on Google’s Arts And Culture app (here for Google Play, here for iOS) is now making that comparison a bit more literal. The app is predominantly used for learning about fine art and stuff, but the new feature will examine your selfies and then bring up a series of portraits that look like your photo—increasing the app’s meme potential by a million (and also teaching you about art or whatever).

So, to test the thing out, let’s see how some screencaps from A.V. Club TV reviews compare to classical portraits:


Here’s Fox Mulder from The X-Files, looking heavily roughed up next to some delightfully fancy guy on the right.

Here’s Luke’s daughter from The Gilmore Girls’ most maligned storyline. Hopefully nobody needlessly lied about her similarities to The Little Girl With The Red Carnation on the right.


Finally, Michael here is occasionally untrustworthy on The Good Place, but he seems much more likable than the guy on the right.


The selfie feature in the Arts And Culture app reportedly isn’t available everywhere just yet, but hopefully it will be before everyone gets sick of this thing in five minutes.

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