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A happy news bloopers season to you and yours

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In these Troubled Times, much divides us. But every once in awhile, something happens that brings us together. We can come together as one to, say, dunk on the celebs. We can jointly love the giant Home Depot skeletons, all year round. And once a year, we unite to celebrate this, the mots festive and joyous of annual events. It’s news bloopers season, motherfuckers.

What can we add to this, one of life’s purest pleasures? Nothing. Not a thing. News bloopers are bloopers, on the news. Sometimes it’s a pet who just really wants to jump on the desk right now. Sometimes it’s a herd of giant buffalo. Sometimes a nice lady is just trying to talk about tennis balls without snickering, because balls. What do you need us for? You do not.


Look, here are more! There are a couple repeats in here, but come on, don’t you want to watch that young woman yell at her dad’s exposed belly again?

You can even go by month, if you want to remember what the news was like in, say, March of 2020. Does anyone want to remember that? Probably not, unless there are bloopers involved!

But maybe the sight of all those people just casually standing within six feet of each other is freaking you out. Understandable! In that case, may we present animals being animals on the internet?

Listen, sometimes you watch a Chekhov play in The Sims via the internet, and that’s great. But if the internet has a default setting, and despite all appearances to the contrary, that setting is not buttheads trying to tell people who actually know what they’re talking about that they are wrong because of a Reddit thread they, the butthole, read one time. The default setting is animals. Animals and news bloopers. Enjoy.

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