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Watching the news in 2017 has, to put it lightly, sucked ass. This year to turn your television to the news was to voluntarily subject yourself to a torrent of racism, natural disasters, and whatever comic-book villainy or Three Stooges buffoonery the president might be up to on any given day. Of course, often times in 2017 just as bad as the news itself has been the dipshits delivering it. What’s more, even the idea of news has been tainted by the phrase “fake news,” a term whose use will one day hopefully be punishable by involuntary relocation to the crater of an active volcano.

So this year, watching this compilation video of a bunch of newscasters fucking up, falling down, and being surprised by a cool dog isn’t just hilarious, it’s downright cathartic. And although, yes, these newspeople are most likely hardworking folks just trying their best to get through a broadcast without being interrupted by their children or laughing at the number 69, they’re going to have to take one for the team. Live TV news bloopers are just about the only good thing we’ve got left, and, by God, we need them. So go ahead and take 15 minutes to laugh at the misfortune of others: you’ve earned this, America.

Contributor, The A.V. Club.

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