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Watching movies at home isn’t ideal. Your TV isn’t as big as a theater screen, and you can’t avoid being distracted by the natural light, potted plants, and handheld video game systems that litter the average American living room. But a new Kickstarter project is looking to finally solve the myriad problems with watching movies at home. Not only that, but it may have even perfected the cinematic experience as a whole. Ladies and gentlemen, meet this crazy bag that you put on your head:

It’s called Poptheatr, because vowels are old-fashioned, and it lets you watch a movie in the ideal environment: On your back and totally secluded from the outside world. Better yet, Poptheatr allows you watch a movie like this anywhere, as long as it’s a place where you wouldn’t mind laying on your back while being totally unable to see if someone is sneaking up to steal your phone. (And thanks to the included speaker, they wouldn’t even have to sneak very well.) Sadly, Poptheatr has a ways to go, as only about $6,000 have been raised toward its $40,000 goal.


Even if Poptheatr does get funded, though, it’ll have other issues to face (which is sort of a pun). For instance, the creators expect it to retail for $119, which doesn’t sound super crazy when you take into account the bluetooth remote and speaker that come with it, but does seem super crazy when you stop to consider the fact that this is a bag you put over your head so you can watch movies on your phone without straining your neck or moving your arms.

It’s still too early to say whether Poptheatr will replace traditional theaters, but if they can come up with a new version that lets you watch movies with multiple people in a big room while keeping your mouth free for eating popcorn or Buncha Crunch, they just might be on to something.

[via Birth. Movies.Death]

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