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Found-footage horror thriller Unfriended was a welcome surprise back in 2015, when its commitment to a simple but ingenious premise—everything that happens in the film does so on the laptop screen of doomed teenager Shelley Hennig—managed to overcome a lot of the typical low-budget horror movie flaws. Spurred on by its success, BloodyDisgusting reports that a sequel to the film is not only in the works, but has actually been completed and shown to test audiences.

It presumably wasn’t hard to film Unfriended 2 on the down-low, since all you really need is a laptop, a couple of background rooms, and some teenagers willing to scream at a malevolent Skype window. Unconfirmed reports from people claiming to have been in trial showings for the film claim that Hennig will return, despite the ominous ending of the first film. Meanwhile, it’s not clear how screenwriter Nelson Greaves (who’s reportedly returning in the same role) will get more blood from this particular stone, but at least the stench of similarly social media-focused horror film Friend Request is still floating out there to make the new film look good by comparison, if nothing else.


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