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Alexander Payne developing Showtime series that sounds a bit like What About Bob?

(Photo: Getty Images for BFI, Vittorio Zunino Celotto)

According to Deadline, Alexander Payne is developing a series for Showtime based on a Dutch show called Holland’s Hoop. Payne’s U.S. version will be called Kilroy County, and it will concern a forensic psychologist who works with “criminally insane” patients at a “high security facility near Chicago.” When his father dies, he returns to his family’s farm in hopes of getting a chance to “confront issues in his marriage and with his own children,” all without realizing that a “dangerous but extremely charming psychopath” he used to treat has followed him there. The original version had a twist involving the farm being part of a marijuana empire, but it’s unclear if the Showtime version will retain that.

The description makes Kilroy County sound like a more harrowing take on What About Bob?, with a dead father in place of a family vacation and a dangerous psychopath in place of Bill Murray’s character. Considering that the TV adaptation of What About Bob? didn’t move forward, this might be the best chance for fans of the movie to see a TV show about a guy leaving town and getting hassled by a former patient.


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