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All hail the Church Of Satan's Twitter account

Photo: ullstein bild/Getty Images

Yesterday The Ringer spoke with the Church Of Satan’s PR team. That’s a fun sentence to read, right? If you know anything about the Church Of Satan you probably know its followers are atheistic Satanists, meaning that no, they do not literally worship the devil. Instead they take inspiration from an interpretation of Satan as a symbol of “pride, liberty, and individualism.” If you have further questions along these lines, please refer to the Church’s wonderfully straightforward, in-depth FAQ.

The Church’s members are good-humored about their faith, and their droll Twitter account is well-worth a follow. They spend their time weighing in on Game Of Thrones, doling out cold owns, and disavowing most uses of the adjective “Satanic.”


The church has also been firmly in favor of LGBTQ rights since its inception, and generally advocate for the inalienable human right to do whatever the heck you want with your life.

It’s rare that a voicey brand Twitter works at all; those accounts usually end up sounding all “how do you do, fellow kids.” So how does the Church Of Satan do it? It humbly credits its social media acumen to the Dark One. “Satan has always been the trickster, the charmer, the one bearing knowledge and indulgence,” the Church Of Satan told The Ringer. “We don’t try, we just are.”


Amen, friends.

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