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All this Trump stuff is doing gangbusters for this totally unrelated Fire & Fury book

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Even as its various anecdotes, mostly centered on our current president’s short attention span and shorter temper, steadily drag us all a little closer to the abyss of total political depression, we can’t deny that Michael Wolff’s Fire & Fury has been good for a few people. There’s the schadenfreude enthusiasts, obviously, and especially anyone interested in watching Steve Bannon suffer. There’s Wolff himself, of course. And then there’s this guy, who wrote a World War II book with the same name ten years ago that’s apparently doing gangbusters right now:


This is per The Huffington Post, which reports that Canadian professor Randall Hansen is having a pretty great week, thanks to abruptly blossoming sales for his long-quiet book about the bombing of German civilians during the second world war. Fire & Fury has suddenly found itself on a number of bestseller lists, apparently as people in a rush to read about Trump guzzling his bedtime McDonald’s order make a few critical misclicks in the Amazon process. According to Hansen, he doesn’t have exact numbers yet, but he says he’s happy for the attention, especially if it puts more attention on the atrocities of modern warfare, rather than the depressing realities of Trump’s cantankerous and confused day-to-day routine.

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