Amazon reviewers are roasting this sad MAGA Christmas ornament

The holidays are about remembering what’s really important in our lives. This year, the nation has learned that the most important thing in the world is talking shit to people you disagree with online. So, in the spirit of that newly minted American tradition, Amazon reviewers are absolutely roasting a MAGA Christmas ornament with some devastating one-star reviews. The ornament in question is a garishly gold finished facsimile of the infamously iconic red MAGA hat that promises to “make any tree stand out.” Clearly, the most offensive thing about this fascistic holiday icon is that it costs nearly $100, but some reviewers have found other flaws and they’re not too shy to let people know about it.

“Not happy. We hung it on the tree, and within minutes it worked its way up the branches and assaulted the 14-year-old angel on the top,” read a one-star review, presumably referring to the allegations against GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore who President Trump recently threw his full support behind. Other reviewers noted how the decoration seems to clash violently with “ornaments of color” and prefers to be on trees that only have white Christmas lights that “do not twinkle!”

So, if you’re looking for something to get that special someone this holiday season, may we recommend literally anything other than this awful, overpriced, dumb little hat.

[via UPROXX]

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