With AMC lately drawing criticisms for staying too closely within its own wheelhouse—developing seemingly nothing but spinoffs of popular shows, or more plays on the apocalypse and amoral bald men—here’s one of the new series it hopes will deflect those, the Revolutionary War drama Turn. As previously reported, it’s based on the true story of a cabbage farmer (played by Jamie Bell) who leaves behind the thrill-a-minute world of cabbage farming to become a boring old spy for George Washington, contributing the intelligence that would eventually turn the tide in America’s battle against the British, and revealing them all to be demons under the direction of the evil Moloch. (Or wait—that’s Sleepy Hollow.) Anyway, based only on this brief preview, Turn does seem akin to AMC’s Hell On Wheels, what with all the period costumes and grave pronouncements. But at least we know this war doesn’t end in Armageddon, and with all those powdered wigs, there’s not a bald guy in sight.