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Amy Adams thinks she's "out" of the DC Universe

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The Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe is in a very weird place at the moment; although the studio continues to develop and release superhero flicks—with a new Plastic Man movie going into development just this week, and Aquaman out on the 21st—its plans for a big, interconnected cinematic universe seem to have died with the very-good-really-but-not-spectacular box office returns that greeted its big Avengers wannabe, Justice League, late last year. Now, one of the main players in its interconnected galaxy of stars has said she thinks she’s “out” of the DCU, with once and future(?) Lois Lane Amy Adams suggesting that no one has told her if she’s going to be showing up in any more of their superhero movies.


Adams made the reveal to her sort-of-kind-of franchise-mate Nicole Kidman, who she was chatting with for Variety’s “Actors On Actors” interview series, in which famous, beautiful people are encouraged to be famous and beautiful together. 22 minutes in (and after a lot of legitimately interesting conversation and career comparisons between the celebrated actresses), Adams gives Kidman a fake-serious “Welcome to the DC Universe” for her work in Aquaman. But then she quickly adds, “I think I’m out of the DC Universe now. I think they’re revamping that. I don’t know.”

Obviously, that’s the furthest thing from a definitive statement imaginable, but it does make it clear that, at least a far as extremely busy actress Amy Adams is concerned, nobody is expecting her to pop back up and talk a raging Superman down from killing us all again. That’s the sort of thing you really need to plan in advance, and so, between this, and Ben Affleck’s increasing disdain for playing Batman over the last year or so, it’s starting to feel like this particular cinematic universe is well and truly splitting apart. But hey, if that gives us a bunch of lighter, less portentous superhero movies, ones that aren’t just there to sell after-credits scenes where we get our first glimpse at Darkseid’s pinkie toe, it might be worth losing a pretty great Lois Lane in the process.