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During production last year, press releases and casting announcements were vague about the plot of the new Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty, with reports suggesting it was about an insecure woman who becomes convinced that a magic spell has made her beautiful. Schumer debuted the first trailer on Ellen today, and it turns out that the “magic spell” is really the result of a classic sitcom-esque bop on the head. We don’t really get any indication of what the plot of I Feel Pretty will involve beyond a newly confident Schumer loving her life and confusing her friends, but will there be a villain character of some sort who tries to convince her that she still looks the same? Or maybe it’ll be as simple as the head-bop wearing off and Schumer has to learn a lesson about how true beauty isn’t about what’s on the surface.

We’ll know for sure when I Feel Pretty opens in theaters on June 29.


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