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There’s something about the deep South and gritty noir that makes for an intriguing combination, and the upcoming thriller Blood On Her Name is the latest film to take advantage of this happy (if dark and twisted) marriage. Directed by Georgia native Matthew Pope—who co-wrote the film alongside producer Don Thompson—Blood On Her Name updates this by-now familiar formula by featuring a female protagonist, Leigh (Bethany Anne Lind). Leigh is an auto mechanic who, as the move opens, is standing in her garage with a corpse at her feet and a puddle of blood pooling on the floor. How Leigh got to this point, and the complex web of loyalty and lies that spreads out before her when she goes to hide the body, are the subject of this uncommonly thoughtful, surprising, character-driven noir, driven by a fantastic performance from Lind as the guilt-stricken Leigh.


We’ve got the exclusive trailer for Blood On Her Name above, and you can check out the film’s exclusive run of theatrical dates, planned for later this month, below.

2/27/2020—Brooklyn, NY—Nitehawk Williamsburg *W/Q&A

2/28/2020—Brooklyn, NY—Kent Theatre

2/28/2020—Santa Monica, CA—Laemmle Monica Film Center *W/Q&A

2/28/2020—Chicago, IL—Studio Movie Grill Chatham

2/28/2020—Dallas, TX—Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley

2/28/2020—Marietta, GA—Studio Movie Grill Marietta

2/28/2020—Houston, TX—Studio Movie Grill Pearland

2/28/2020—Tampa, FL—Studio Movie Grill Tampa

2/28/2020—Rogers, MN—Emagine Rogers

2/28/2020—Homestead, FL—Flagship Homestead

2/28/2020—Kissimmee, FL—Studio Movie Grill Sunset Walk

2/28/2020—Columbus, OH—Gateway Film Center

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