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Apple is getting sued for intentionally slowing down its older iPhones

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, we reported on a story about tech giant/perennial control freak Apple, which was recently forced to admit to consumers that it’s been quietly using software updates to throttle the speed of its older models of iPhone, in order to block crashes caused by processor strain on aging batteries. The American consumer has taken this impinging on their god-given right to control the performance of their latest game of Angry Birds with all the calm and consideration you might expect, which is to say that there are multiple class-action lawsuits against the company currently in the works.

This is per Gizmodo, which notes that legal action has been initiated against Apple in both California and Illinois. The cases allege—not wholly out of left field, given the accusations of planned obsolescence that have dogged the company for years—that the slowdowns were less about battery age, and more about prodding people with iPhone 6s and 7s toward upgrading to a newer model. The Illinois suit goes to far as to accuse the company of “immoral conduct” by failing to inform consumers about the changes, or allow them to opt in or out of the speed controls.


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