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Archer finally lets its noir flag fly in the first teasers for its dreamy new season

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, FX announced that it was pulling the trigger on Archer, moving the long-running animated comedy to its sister network, FXX. It also confirmed that the show’s eighth season will feature a brand new setting, as Sterling Archer—apparently shot dead in the season 7 finale—imagines himself and his friends working as detectives in 1947. And while “it’s all a dream sequence” is the sort of thing that might hinder our enjoyment of a lesser show, there’s something kind of exciting about Archer saying goodbye to seven seasons of old, used-up plots and trying something new. Especially when Sterling is able to conjure up some pretty kickass new designs for himself and his friends to wear:

FXX has offered up a few bite-sized chunks of the new season, pretty much just enough to confirm that Archer is still a smartass, and that he and the rest of the show’s cast won’t be any more polite to each other now that they can really embrace the show’s love of noir. The season is set to debut some time this spring; also, it’s being called Archer: Dreamland, which is hopefully a reference to the season’s supposedly coma-based nature, and not to Area 51, because the Area 51 episode totally sucked.