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Aubrey Plaza made a half-hour ASMR video, and a lot of it is about killing Jerry from Parks And Rec

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today, in “Maybe the weirdest thing we’ve ever had to watch for work” news: W Magazine recently recruited Parks And Recreation and Legion star Aubrey Plaza for its ongoing, aurally uncomfortable video series, “Celebrity ASMR,” which is exactly what it sounds like. But where folks like Jake Gyllenhaal, Margot Robbie, and Gal Gadot only paid loudly-smacking lip service when they sat down way too close to W’s mics—posting videos a mere two or three minutes in length—Plaza approached the task with the same intensity with which she appears to tackle pretty much everything in her life, laying down a 36-minute sonic odyssey in search of “the tingles.” Also, a lot of it was about how much she still hates Jerry.

As Plaza notes, she’s apparently a fan of the YouTube-friendly sensory phenomenon anyway, which is why she brought a bunch of her own props, including a make-up bag ruffling segment that she dedicates to comic actress Molly Shannon. The video eventually turns into a whispered monologue about her career, which is actually pretty interesting and funny on its own merits; she touches on basically lying to Judd Apatow to get into Funny People, and drops a few notes about what to expect from her character on the upcoming season of Legion. The biggest digression, though, happens when she’s talking about all the love on the Parks set; except, of course, for poor old Garry/Barry/Jerry Gergich. Plaza even goes so far as to text actor Jim O’Heir mid-video, who, unsurprisingly, responds to her hatred with good-natured cheer. And then, of course, it’s back to the whispers and, like, rubbing rings on various objects and tapping on stuff, because Aubrey Plaza’s love for ASMR is apparently very sincere.