Awful Things Zach Braff Is (Probably) Responsible For: 1. This photo.

Evidently, Zach Braff's feeling face is all about context. You can almost hear him emoting, "Laugh! Please laugh! When


Arrested Development did this it was funny! Laugh or I'll cry. Isn't becoming an adult when you're thirty really hard? Wah." Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, have you ever seen someone try so hard to make fun of Blue Man Group? He's practically sweating under all that confetti. 2. This video.

I will never, ever understand the appeal of Scrubs. That said, this musical episode might as well be the series' death rattle. Still, someone is bound to like it. As if the mere presence of Voice Of His Generation™ Zach Braff wasn't enough to make this song the go-to choice for fraternity talent nights all around the country, the hilarious take on gay panic virtually seals the song's place in the Greek Row canon. 3. This break-up.

I have no proof that Zach Braff broke up

the two adorable stars of a show I've never watched, but, c'mon, it had to be him. Rachel Bilson, for some unknown reason, seems to like overly sensitive guys. And how could slightly emo Adam Brody compete with the tsunami of feelings that is Zach Braff's face?