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Baked Alaska responds to Twitter ban by live-streaming additional humiliations in a fast food parking lot

Yesterday, as part of a long-overdue crackdown on the neo-Nazis and far-right personalities who have made a home on their platform, Twitter permanently banned uber-troll Baked Alaska. The man born Tim Gionet had made a name for himself by impishly tweeting Holocaust jokes alongside more earnest Trumpist musings about triggering the libs, making America great again, and so on. But he is also a noted Mozart of self-owns, carrying a camera around at arm’s length and filming as he gets maced, hits on teenage girls, and generally gets dunked on repeatedly by everyone with whom he interacts.

And so he responded to the Twitter ban the only way he knows how: by spending 9 glorious hours filming himself walking around getting owned by people. Much of the action occurred in an In-N-Out parking lot, which absurdist video editor Vic Berger has helpfully pared down to a much more manageable two-minute recap. Please enjoy a sad Baked Alaska:

Thrill as Gionet—“Baked” to his true believers—rails against Twitter’s unfairness, conducts a handful of man-on-the-street interviews about said unfairness, and gets owned by both an old guy and a British guy. If you’d like to watch the full 9-hour saga, it’s below, but fair warning: It is a 9-hour Baked Alaska video that involves lots of close-ups of web browsers and prolonged shots of him staring introspectively at a computer screen, presumably waiting for Twitter to let him back in. It ain’t happening, buddy, but hey: you’ve always got Gab.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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