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A brief history of the internet's saddest neo-Nazi loser humiliating himself

Every crew has some sad, desperate shitheel nipping at their heels, just begging to be a part of the gang. For the neo-Nazis, that’s Tim Gionet—better known as Baked Alaska—whom you may remember as that shrill, bloviating baby who maybe (almost definitely) maced himself in Charlottesville to really own the libs. You can relive that whole spectacle above.

Alaska’s schtick is acting like the guy who tweets complaints at brands out in the real world. On Twitter, he posts gas chamber memes and the neo-Nazi “14 words” maxim, while at the same time accusing publications of slander for suggesting his Nazi-related activities make him an actual Nazi. On the street, he makes his thoroughly modern, white supremacist case by filming himself badgering people on the street, then using the fact that he’s owned time and again as a “so much for the tolerant left” argument. These many, many hilarious humiliations have been chronicled on the website Milk Leaks as a public service.

One recent embarrassment that Baked Alaska chose to share with the world found him harassing three women outside of a club, one of whom broke his “new iPhone 7" after he repeatedly refused to stop filming her. In the video—a torturous five hours long, which Death And Taxes has helpfully cued up just to the pertinent scenes—he calls the cops on her, only for them to arrive, listen to his rambling, then quickly drive off, leaving him despondent on the curb, his equally sad friend urging him, “Let’s go, Baked.” You may love the cops, buddy, but they sure don’t love you back.


But “Baked” lives this shit; it’s hardly the first time his mixture of candid camera video, troll humor, and lecherousness has resulted in humiliation. Take, for example, the time he made a “grab her by the pussy joke” to a young woman dressed as a cat, then asked if she was single, then found out she was 13 years old.

Or try the other time he tried to make cutesy banter with a teenager, slyly pivoted to giggly white nationalism, and was then informed that “white people are the worst” before the kid hot-wheeled off, no doubt cackling about the lonely man still talking into his selfie-stick on the corner:


His mom pays his bills, too, if you didn’t hate him enough already. You can check out more at Milk Leaks or, you know, just follow him for a couple days on Twitter. He’ll do something stupid again soon enough.

Randall Colburn is The A.V. Club's Internet Culture Editor. He lives in Chicago, occasionally writes plays, and was a talking head in Best Worst Movie, the documentary about Troll 2.

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