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Bear hijacks man's morning to enjoy nice soak in a hot tub

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From childhood, we’re led to believe that bears are both cute and harmless. As we get older, cruel reality sweeps in to disabuse us of one of these notions. Bears, it turns out, may be adorable, but they’re also fearsome natural predators with a predilection for martial arts weaponry and cocaine. Fortunately for Todd Trebonemd, he was able to overcome the dopey charms of a black bear waddling up to his deck for a dip in the hut tub well enough to remember that, no matter how darling a fluffy carnivore may be, it’s best not to fuck with it when it hijacks your morning routine.

Trebonemd’s Facebook post caption doesn’t give us a lot of context other than, “I was out on the porch drinking my coffee, and this happened,” but the video itself is full of insight. It begins by showing a black bear jumping down onto the deck of a house or cottage in Tennessee, having just knocked over Trebonemd’s coffee in a clear declaration that it intends to take over relaxing where he’s being forced to leave off. “Did you speak to it?” a woman asks. Trebonemd responds: “No, I didn’t speak to it. It’s a black bear, they’re bad bears. They can be mean.” He explains that the bear has also removed his hot tub’s cover, and we see the animal clamber on into the water, lifting one chubby leg at a time before easing on down for a good soak.


“It’s just having a blast,” Trebonemd says. “There’s a wild black bear in the Jacuzzi getting warm. Unbelievable.”

He takes a step out onto the deck again and watches the bear take a bite at the hot tub filter. Unhappy with the possibility of having its bath time interrupted, the bear turns around and slaps the side of the tub. “Okay, alright, I’m gonna move,” Trebonemd says, retreating back inside.

Looking at the footage, seeing the idyllic view of the sun rising over the mountains from Trebonemd’s porch, we understand why the bear decided it needed to lumber over and enjoy the morning for itself. Good for the bear, we say. And good for Trebonemd for understanding that when a big, potentially homicidal animal drops by for an unannounced swim, you just let it do what it wants, bad manners or not.

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