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Beauty & The Geek: "Double Dare"

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Well, that didn't take long. For googly-eyed Sam, that is, to hook up with one of the beauties. As the guys and girls relaxed with some champagne and a game of Truth or Dare after the first elimination, the male beauty began putting the moves on Rebecca and she reciprocated, for some reason. Maybe she thought, "'Sam and Rebecca': that sounds like a good TV couple!" Or maybe she was wooed by his line "The head on her shoulder is…attractive." Actually, that was pretty good.

So Sam and geek Nicole stuck around for another episode, although fortunately their presence was toned down a bit so Sam's seemingly scripted character wasn't as blatant. We still have yet to learn much about Nicole except for her interesting revelation that she tends to gravitate towards "the alpha nerd." Don't we all, Nicole, don't we all.

Once again, it seemed like the beauties were given a more difficult challenge than the geeks. Of course basic anatomy isn't the hardest lesson in the world, but compared to the guys' challenge of buying a gift basket, it was a toughie (and how this challenge helps Nicole, I don't know.) Obviously, this show is not entirely grounded in reality but I don't know a single woman who's fallen for a guy based on the contents of his gift basket. Then again, the only gift baskets I've known are the ones that I sort of steal from my boss at Christmastime, so maybe I've missed out on the erotic connection.

Will and Rebecca won a challenge for the second week in a row, he with his fall harvest basket and she with her anatomy knowledge as a massage therapist, and thus they both got to pick a couple to send home.

The couples in question were pissed: Hollie and Josh resented Rebecca's declaration that she is too geeky and he too good-looking to really benefit from the show and Jesse and Erin were upset by Will's claim that the two didn't socialize enough with the rest of the house. Somebody was going to come back with a vengeance. In the meantime, while Rebecca should be severely punished for hooking up with Sam, she and Will seem to be coming along as a team, as she admonished herself for her romantic interlude and gently told Will to cool it with the mini power trips (nobody is ever impressed by anybody's cadence, ever, even if they claim to have really good cadence).

Both couples in the elimination round were likeable and performed well but ultimately Hollie and Josh were sent home—and Rebecca was kind of right, after all. Hollie watches "Adult Swim" and Josh is a cutester. In the meantime, Will and Rebecca will have to deal with an angry Jesse and Erin, who remarked, "I should have slept with [Rebecca]: that's how we stay in this house." Me-ow!

Grade: B

Stray observations:

-I don't understand the producers' decisions on what gets subtitled: it seems like they caption a lot of perfectly understandable dialogue. I don't want to have to read and listen at the same time. This ain't no foreign movie.

-The geeks' poses—and the girls' reactions—when they donned their Slim Goodbody anatomical unitards was one of those moments that makes this show so cute.

-I don't understand why the geeks weren't allowed to include wine in their gift baskets. That's all you really need for an awesome gift basket. In fact, forget the stupid basket.

-"Ka la chee." Now that is how you get a woman into bed.