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Beauty & The Geek: Raps, Rhymes & Geeks

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The only thing ickier than beauties using their sexuality to curry favor from the geeks is geeks buying that ploy. Tommy and Jim automatically became my least favorite geeks, as Jim said "Tiffany is definitely interested in me" after she (shudder) fluffed his beard in the hot tub, and Tommy, cool as a hep cat in his sunglasses, proclaimed that he and Amber were going out.

The girls this season seem more willing than on any other to pretend to like the boys in order to stay on the show, which, while pitiful for everyone, should make for some interesting drama as Beauty and the Geek progresses. Even though she was an over-the-top reality villianess, it was gratifying to see Amber sent home despite her flirting, pouting, and excuses during elimination.

Then again, this entire episode was pretty much anti-Beauty. The girls stacked the odds against themselves by admitting up front that they had nothing in particular to display during the Beauties vs. Geeks talent show. Their half-assed porny dance/play was obviously awkward and unrehearsed but I noticed that the geeks were supplemented, at least in post-production, with some music during their rap. Obviously, their practice and concept worked out but I have a hard time believing that the audience spontaneously started booing the girls and chanting for the geeks. Frankly I would be too tempted to switch to "Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!" Of course, what really paid off for the guys wasn't just their hard work but that they were ready to give each other a chance to shine, and that they were able to make fun of themselves as geeks.

Next week, the game changes. Forever? I don't know, it apparently already has.

Grade: B+

Stray observations:

—While I'm always psyched to hear the Pet Shop Boys theme song, I am disturbed by the double-take closeup on Jillian's boobs during the show's intro.

—And Jason's. WTF????

—Where did the girls get those matching skirts?

—Thank god for Randi: I'm glad somebody is around to tell them about their triflin' asses. Seriously.

—My favorite geeks thus far: Matt and Chris. Who are yours?