All of the performances come complete with cheesy Star Wars-esque names (Comedy Bang Bang bandleader Reggie Watts is a droid named RG-WATTS, while American Idol rocker Chris Daughtry dresses up like Darth Maul and calls himself Chris Darthtry), and a quick joke about why they won’t be joining the band. The best of these is Liz Phair (or, rather, Lliz Ph’air) protesting that she shouldn’t be dismissed as a tree-hugger for her anti-Empire, pro-environment song, because “the Death Star literally destroys planets.”

It’s not like you have to look super far these days to find Star Wars-themed comedy, but the combination of the talent on display and LucasArts’ involvement (and their costumes and make-up) makes this worth checking out.


You can see bonus footage from the video here, at CollegeHumor