On the same day that President Trump received criticism for a series of tweets vaguely threatening to remove “FEMA, the Military, and First Responders” out of hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico, Bill Murray appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to remind the President about his responsibility to the suffering island territory. Of course, the seriousness of his message didn’t stop Bill Murray from delivering it in the most Bill Murray way possible: Crooning spoken word renditions of Broadway hits accompanied by a trio of string instruments.

Murray appeared on the show to promote the new experimental music album he recorded with classical cellist Jan Vogler, New Worlds, which coincidentally features three covers from the Stephen Sondheim classic West Side Story. The 67-year-old comedian’s renditions of “Somewhere” and “I Feel Pretty” were a bit rough and tumble but enjoyable, though not nearly as poignant as his stripped-down version of “America,” a song that, while written by two white men, encapsulates the ostracized feelings of many Puerto Rican immigrants.


The final, somberly delivered lines, “Immigrant goes to America. Many hellos in America. Nobody knows in America. Puerto Rico’s in America,” received raucous applause from the studio audience, who were no doubt hoping the president was already well aware of that last fact. Of course, the president is unlikely to be reached by this genuine, anti-comedic performance (mostly because it won’t air on Fox News) but maybe if we can get Bill Murray to Bill Murray-ize other crises, we can get someone to pay attention.

[via The Daily Beast]