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Bill Murray repeats himself, goes to see Groundhog Day for a second day in a row

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier today, we reported that Bill Murray attended Broadway’s Groundhog Day musical last night, which he enthusiastically enjoyed, loudly cheering, giving a speech to the cast, and posing for selfies with tons of fans. Now, The New York Times reports—in what is either a very funny joke about the movie’s repetition-based plot, a measure of his appreciation for the play, or both—that Murray proceeded to do the exact same thing tonight, returning to watch the musical for a second consecutive day.

The Times notes that Murray had told the theater that he might return for another viewing of the show, although he doesn’t appear to have informed them that he’d be doing it quite so quickly. The real test, of course will come tomorrow: Will Murray put his little hand in ours, declare there ain’t no mountain we can’t climb, and go to see Groundhog Day for a third day in a row? Like a bunch of Punxsutawney locals, staring anxiously to see if a rodent sees his shadow, we can only watch, and wait.