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Bob Saget to host edgy AFV spin-off, Videos After Dark

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Bob Saget might have found his second act in blue comedy, but lately, he’s falling back on old habits. In addition to reprising the role of dorky dad Danny Tanner on Netflix’s Fuller House, the actor-comedian will also go back to his clip-show roots, Variety reports.


ABC has ordered Videos After Dark, a spin-off of AFV (formerly known as America’s Funniest Home Videos), the family-friendly clip show Saget hosted for several seasons. But Videos After Dark will reportedly feature more “adult-oriented content” than the home-repair fails and skateboarding wipeouts that Saget set up in his previous hosting gig. Apparently, this stems from ABC wanting to take advantage of Saget’s decidedly more profane, post-Full House comedic work. “The show is basically built around Bob and his sensibility, his jokes—the one we know we’re going to be able to get on the air,” Vin Di Bona, archivist of the nation’s groin hits, tells Variety. “We’ve already had meetings with (ABC’s) censors already, showing them the clips we have and for the most part we’re getting their blessing.” There will be no prize money awarded for these after-hour clips, so amateur videographers will have to content themselves with the bragging rights that come with Bob Saget punning on “Kibbles ’N Bits” after their clip of a dog licking its balls for the duration of an episode of Westworld plays.

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