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Atari is digging a "million dollar" TV game show version of Pong out of your parent's attic

(Photo: Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)

Pong—the groundbreaking electronic table tennis game that’s been known to remain absolutely riveting for upwards of seven minutes at a time—is about to get the TV game show treatment. Not just any Pong, though; Variety reports that the famously minimalist Atari title is being spruced up with the addition of big ol’ stacks of money, in the form of Million Dollar Pong.

It’s not clear which network the show—produced by prolific reality TV creator Scott Sternberg—will land at. More importantly, though, we also have no idea what its take on Pong will look or feel like. Will it be as visually stimulating as watching a pair of ’70s teenagers twiddling their knobs and occasionally loudly swearing? Or will it embrace all the grandeur that the name Million Dollar Pong implies, and hot-glue a couple of diamonds onto the paddles, too? We’ll just have to wait and see how this one bounces out.


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