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Brace yourselves for impact: MTV is reviving Celebrity Deathmatch, again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It seems as though the ‘80s tree has been plucked bare, and now it’s the ‘90s’ turn for a pruning. MTV, which has already announced revivals for a number of shows that were extremely popular in the ‘90s—including Daria, TRL, Spring Break, Aeon Flux, and The Real World—has set its sights on the boxing ring for the third resurrection of Celebrity Deathmatch.

According to Deadline, MTV is rebooting Deathmatch with rapper/actor Ice Cube on board as executive producer along with co-producer Ben Hurwitz; Cube and Hurwitz hope to find the series a home on streaming and digital platforms. Cube is reportedly set to star in the show as well, but there’s no word yet whether he’ll take over the role of the referee famously voiced by Mills Lane.


For readers who may not be familiar, Celebrity Deathmatch was a satirical claymation stop-motion series that lambasted prominent figures in pop culture and history by placing them in a boxing match—well, to the death. The two (or, in certain special cases, three or more) figures were chosen to spar based on a few factors: Whether there was any real-life animosity (or love) between the celebrities, or if they shared a similar profession, or something as simple as having the same last name.

The show ran from 1998 to 2002, and was brought back to air on MTV2 in 2006 before being canceled once again in 2007. In 2015, MTV announced plans to bring it back to life once more, but the series was never picked up. Perhaps the fourth time is the charm?