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Broad City writers hired to make a lady 21 Jump Street, for ladies

Back off fellas, it's lady cop time
Back off fellas, it's lady cop time

Because the first two Jump Street movies might have been funny enough for a man, but weren’t made for a woman, according to The Hollywood Reporter Sony is developing a “female-driven” spinoff of the hilariously self-aware franchise. This comes after Sony recently asked itself, “What if we made another Ghostbusters, but with girls this time?,” demonstrating the studio’s commitment to stopping the spread of cooties as well as developing a series of cinematic universes.


Speaking of cinematic universes, building a Jump Street-centric one is Sony’s stated reason for the move, as opposed to “It was the first thing we thought of when someone suggested a 21 Jump Street spinoff.” (It was actually the second, but whatever.) A little more thought seems to have gone into selecting the writers for the project, however, with Broad City’s Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs, who co-wrote season two’s “Knockoffs” and “Coat Check,” hired to write the script.

Situations in which two female undercover cops might be called to go in where male cops could not include:

  • A drug-smuggling ring run out of a waxing salon
  • Cheerleaders suspected of masterminding a series of identity-theft schemes
  • A sinister plot to poison America’s tampon supply
  • A feminist bookstore that is actually a front for a human-trafficking operation
  • Murder…at the Curves!
  • A bomb threat at the Miss United States pageant (oh, sorry, that was Miss Congeniality)

It’ll probably just be at an all-girls school, though. No stars, director, or date have been set for the spinoff at this time, but angry internet diatribes from 13-year-olds about how the female 21 Jump Street is ruining their childhoods are expected momentarily.