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Cabin fever: Dial M For Maple returns with wild speculation about Riverdale's next act

It’s marg time! (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)

When Riverdale returns in March, the Core 4 will be packing their bags for a steamy trip to the secluded Lodge cabin—a trip we’ve lovingly dubbed the “Sex Weekend.” And we’re doing some packing of our own, as Marah preps for her move to LA! With so much going on, she & Cameron decided it was time for an extra special episode of Dial M For Maple. To hold you over ‘til the show’s return, the hosts touch on everything from the tease of new romance for our favorite supporting characters, to Sabrina casting news, to an insane theory inspired by the proliferation of twins in Riverdale. Plus, we play another round of our favorite game, “In The Hot Skeet.” See ya in the funny pages!

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For further thoughts on all of the mayhem in Riverdale, check out our colleague LaToya Ferguson’s excellent TV Club reviews.

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