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Cameron Esposito invites you to her bachelor party in Marriage Material trailer

Two days before marrying fellow comedian Rhea Butcher, Cameron Esposito filmed her first standup special, Marriage Material, at Thalia Hall in her hometown of Chicago. “Technically, you are at my bachelor party,” she tells the audience in the trailer, released today by NBC’s new streaming comedy channel Seeso. In Marriage Material, Esposito, sporting her signature side-mullet, builds on her material about sexuality—a major theme in her first album, Same Sex Symbol—and also touches on gun control, sleep-lurking (way more terrifying than sleep-walking), sleepover anxiety, and pot brownies. Marriage Material is full of useful educational moments. For example: “Sexuality isn’t contagious. You are thinking of zombieism.” Over the course of the special, she’ll make you believe in real love.

Seeso is also developing an original comedy series from Esposito and Butcher called Take My Wife, which will be based loosely on their own relationship and lives as standups. Marriage Material premieres on Seeso on March 24 and will be available as an audio release on March 25 via iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora.


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