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Cara Delevingne doesn’t have necessary oomph for Good Day Sacramento

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Cara Delevingne has a lot of things going for her: A successful career as a model and actress. Roles in the young-adult novel adaptation Paper Towns and the upcoming Suicide Squad. Membership in Taylor Swift’s dark army of vengeance. But does she have the necessary “oomph” for Good Day Sacramento? Delevingne was put to that test in a recent interview with Good Day, consistently the second-highest-rated morning show in the Sacramento market, and therefore deserving of “oomph” in at least the 70th or 80th percentile. But by the hosts’ estimation, she failed to deliver, refusing to provide satisfactorily oomphatic answers to their fascinating questions about whether she reads, or spark to the anchors’ playful insistence on calling her “Carla.”

In the video below, the show’s Marianne McClary welcomes “Carla” by asking whether she’d read the book Paper Towns is based on, or—“Ha ha!” McClary laughs oomphily—maybe she doesn’t even have time to read, because she’s just so darn busy! Delevingne, looking visibly drained by the thousand pinpricks of ceaseless talk show patter, replies sarcastically that, no, she didn’t even read the script. The anchors howl appreciably at her dry British humor. So far it is a good day, Sacramento.


But things take a turn when anchor Ken Rudolph asks Delevingne whether she finds it “easier to focus because you’re so busy,” casually proving he’s done extensive research on the subject by mentioning he glanced at her IMDb page. Delevingne, visibly confused, replies, “No. I don’t know where that comes from,” then explains that she loves her job and acting is her passion. Yet she refuses to submit to the sort of probing psychological query Rudolph is asking, and that Good Day Sacramento is famous for, along with its Live Truck Tracker.


Finally, after another briefly sarcastic response to whether she feels she has anything in common with her movie character—followed by a longer, non-sarcastic response in which she actually answers that question—superfluous anchor Mark Allen interrupts to wonder aloud why Delevingne doesn’t seem all that thrilled to be talking to them. “I saw you on London a couple weeks ago on TV, and you seemed a lot more excited about it than you do right now,” Allen says. After all, London is nothing if not the Sacramento of Europe, so what’s the deal? “Are you just exhausted?” he asks.

Taken aback, Delevingne admits that the Paper Towns premiere was the night before and that she’s still emotionally spent from it, as well as just generally tired from being up this early. “You do seem a bit irritated…. Perhaps it’s just us,” McClary says. “I think it’s just you,” Delevingne replies. And so the hosts let her go, as McClary suggests Delevingne go “take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull.” Maybe then she can come back, when she’s ready to bring the sort of energy and entertainment value Sacramento demands for the background of its dentists’ waiting rooms. Otherwise, why even pursue a career in acting?

“You make $5 million for six weeks of work, you can pretend to talk to Good Day Sacramento with some ‘oomph’!” Allen declares, before slipping into a mocking British accent. As his co-hosts discuss Delevingne’s total lack of professionalism, the show’s producers put up her photo and play hissing cat noises over it, as a hilarious commentary on how Delevingne seemed slightly less than wowed by the chance to talk to them. Indeed, that’s the sort of “oomph” you need if you want to jabber blithely and self-satisfied at the bleary citizens of Sacramento. And apparently, Cara Delevingne just doesn’t have it.


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